About US

The Polishing Machine is one of Chesterfield's trusted car detailing provider.
With 20 years of experience
we can guarantee that our fully insured professional paint correction and protection services will leave your car looking brand new.
We are equipped with all the latest and technologically advanced ceramic paint protection to give your car a new lease of life. This ensures that your car will be protected against any bird droppings, UV lights, tree sap, and will be much easier to clean thereafter. No matter the make and model of your car, our high-quality ceramic coating can be used to provide ultimate protection and a premium finish.
Before you thinking to book your car for ceramic coating, please be prepared that the condition of your car needs to meet our requirements and your vehicle needs to get at least a 1 stage correction detail called
"Enhancement Detail"

Other services:
- Maintenance Wash
- Aftercare
- Enhancement Detail
- Minor Paintcorrection
- Major PaintCorrection
- Ceramic Coating
- Wheels Ceramic protection
- Leather cleaning and protection
- Soft top cleaning, recolouring and protection.
- Brake Caliper Painting

We offer a very high standard service for a competitive price and we travel to our customers to meet their demands.

Contact us today and book an appointment with the leading car experts in Chesterfield.